My first novel, ‘Ghost Love’ has just been released. The blurb describes it as follows:


In the madcaGhostLove-lgA FBp, chaotic days when Communism crumbled in the USSR, Tonia meets and falls in love with Englishman, Peter Monroe. Despite the protests of her family and the more strenuous objections of the KGB Tonia agrees to marry Peter only for him to mysteriously disappear.

Twenty years later a life-toughened Toni must revisit these bitter-sweet memories when she finds herself and her daughters endangered by the consequences of that love affair. In her despair Toni comes to realise that true love really does conquer all … even death.

I was born in Moscow, grew up there and studied English and French at a Moscow university. When I graduated in the early 90s I found myself in a country that was enduring the second revolution it had endured in the space of seventy years, this time the collapse of Communism and the USSR and the growth of a new, capitalism-inspired Russia. I met my English husband-to-be in Moscow and together we travelled around the CIS witnessing first-hand the changes that the country and its people were going through. Traumatic, exciting and often upsetting times, these experiences have flavoured ‘Ghost Love’ and my second book which I have just begun to write, ‘Hotel Russe’.

But both ‘Ghost Love’ and ‘Hotel Russe’ are stories so I thought it might be interesting for my readers if I give a little more detail about what it was like to grow up in Communist USSR and to see it all come to nought in the maelstrom of the early nineties.


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