Thank you, Regency ladies

Information on other blogs and things Regency.

Olga Godim writing

Cover_FibsInTheFamilyMy Regency romance novella on Wattpad, Fibs in the Family, is slowly gaining readers and Likes. On this day, Oct 12, 2015, when Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving, I want to thank those who helped me write the story.

Fibs in the Family is my first historical romance, and it took some research. Most of my research was done through the internet, where I found several fascinating website and a number of very knowledgeable writers. They were very generous with their time answering my questions.

Vic Sanborn and her Jane Austen’s World blog  is a treasure trove of information about every aspect of life in Regency England, from fashion to transportation. I was most interested in family finances, and of course, she has a post for that. It helped tremendously. Thank you, Vic.

My story includes paintings by an imaginary artist. I was trying to find out what were the…

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