Questions, Questions…

robert-emmetI have been doing my research for Part Three of ‘The Formidable Mrs Elizabeth Darcy’, this, in part, to be set in Dublin. It will feature Elizabeth’s involvement with the rebellion of 1803 led by Robert Emmet.

I have to say that I have found the books on the subject quite confusing. Let me give you a for instance.

Emmet was a committed United Irishman – those struggling for an Ireland independent from England which espoused full political and religious emancipation – and I came across this picture (Featured Image above) which shows that movement’s leaders in 1798 (another year the Irish rose in rebellion).

I believe Thomas Pakenham painted the picture but what was the artist’s criteria for including the personages shown? I think this is at one with some of the ‘romanticizing’ of the Irish rebellions I come across in my reading. As an example, Robert Emmet had just dropped out of Trinity College in 1798 so he was hardly one of the UI’s main men and Thomas Russell had been in prison since 1796.

So these are the questions I’m struggling with at the moment:

Which of those shown in the picture actually fought in the Rebellion of 1798? and,

Which of them were Catholics and which Protestants?

Any help welcomed!

(Featured Image taken from: )


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